Dear Dr Chan, WHO Director General - Please Act Now ! Letter to Dr Chan, WHO Director by APN+, MdM, TAG, ITPC, ActUp Basel and INPUD

Dear Dr. Chan,

On behalf of nearly 3,000 people from 121 countries who have already signed the attached petition, it is our great honor to submit this petition of demands to you in recognition of World Hepatitis Day.

The signers of our petition represent people living with and affected by hepatitis C virus (HCV), which as you know, kills more than 350,000 people each year.

Given the scope of the global HCV pandemic and paltry response on the part of your agency, the World Health Organization, we request that you urgently and tangibly address the specific demands of the petitioners through a written response addressed to us, the petition’s focal points. We will disseminate your response to all signers. We would also look forward to opportunities where a diverse representation from relevant civil society groups could meet with you or key WHO Viral Hepatitis Department staff-persons to discuss our proposed solutions.

You have shown great leadership in mounting an appropriate response vis-à-vis other viruses, such as H1N1; thus, our expectations are quite high in terms of your capacity to potentially stop this deadly yet curable and treatable virus in its tracks. We stand with all the tools we need, poised to eradicate HCV in our lifetime. The world requires your clear and forceful leadership now, before this viral time bomb truly explodes.

Yours sincerely,

Pauline Londeix, Co-Founder of Act Up-Basel

Shiba Phurailatpam, Regional Coordinator Asia Pacific Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (APN+)

Eliot Albers, Executive Director International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD)

Othman Mellouk, International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC)

Pierre Salignon, General Director, Médecins du Monde (MdM)

Karyn Kaplan, Director, International Hepatitis/HIV Policy & Advocacy
Treatment Action Group (TAG)