Community advisory boards (CABs) are community engagement platforms, comprised of treatment advocates and community leaders with lived experience to review the state of treatment research, contribute to research protocols, engage in the research and development process, and meet with industry and developers about cost, pricing, and access plans.

HCV World CAB (2014-2017)

The HCV World CAB interacted with pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies that produce HCV treatment and tests to understand their access, licensing, and pricing strategies, particularly in high-burden, low- and middle-income countries.

LAT CAB (2021-present)

The LAT CAB is a new cross-disease long-acting technologies (LAT) community advisory board focused on malaria, the hepatitis C virus, and latent TB infection.


LAT CAB reviews the state of treatment research, contributes to research protocols, and engages in the research and development process for long-acting technologies for malaria, HCV, and LTBI. More

CABsLAT CAB (2021-present)