Educational materials that provide data, models of care, and resources related to hepatitis C care. Focuses on the whole hepatitis C care continuum, including post-treatment care.

Materials in this section

Global State of Harm Reduction 2020

HRI released its annual Global State of Harm Reduction report monitoring harm reduction services on the ground, where possible, and how people who use drugs have been impacted by COVID-19. More


Implementation Handbook

Harm reduction-based and peer-supported hepatitis C treatment for people who inject drugs in Georgia

The Handbook describes the HCV treatment project targeting people who inject drugs implemented in Tbilisi, Georgia by Médecins du Monde, New Vector and the medical center Neolab. More


A 6 Fact Rendezvous with Hepatitis C

General overview of the silent epidemic

An estimated 80 million people are living with chronic hepatitis C globally and millions are newly infected every year. WHO attributes an estimated 700,000 deaths to hepatitis C. More