About mapCrowd

Worldwide, an estimated 71 million people are chronically infected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Obtaining reliable, update-to-date information on HCV is a major challenge for health experts and HCV advocates. The quantity and quality of data on HCV prevalence, access to prevention tools, availability, and pricing of diagnostics and medicines, treatment uptake, and national HCV policies varies considerably across countries. Often, this information can be difficult to obtain due to poor surveillance systems, limited diagnostic capacities, weak infrastructure, and lack of political commitment or awareness. Particularly at the national level, sources for recent, consistently updated data are often scarce. Until now, there has been no centralized system for collecting and sharing this vital information with the international health community.

To address this lack of data and enhance advocacy efforts, Médecins du Monde (MdM) and Treatment Action Group (TAG) have launched mapCrowd, an online crowdsourcing platform designed to gather and publicize the most up-to-date country-level information on HCV. Providing free access to national, regional, and international data, mapCrowd allows users to draw visual comparisons between countries, using interactive graphs, tables, and maps. Users can download the mapCrowd database in Excel format for their own analysis.

Topics covered by mapCrowd include:

  • General country information: human development and health indicators
  • Information on HCV epidemiology
  • Availability and prices of HCV diagnostics
  • Registration status, patent barriers, availability, and prices of HCV treatments
  • National HCV policies and treatment programs
  • Local organizations working on treatment access

A tutorial has been designed to help you as focal points (or mapCrowders) to enter data in the mapCrowd data fields related to a country that you agreed to inform. It will describe all the necessary steps to properly and easily fill in data.

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