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World Hepatitis Summit

From 1 to 3 November 2017

Following the success of the inaugural Summit in 2015, the theme of this year’s Summit is “Implementing the Global Health Sector Strategy on viral hepatitis (GHSS): towards the elimination of hepatitis as a public health threat”, which coincides with the recent adoption of the first WHO Global Health Sector Strategy on viral hepatitis, whose goal is the elimination of viral hepatitis as a public health threat by 2030.

The three day invite-only event will be developed in alignment with the strategy and accompanying targets and will focus on learning, capacity building and information sharing. It will also highlight the importance of a comprehensive and multi-stakeholder planning process.

Hosted by the Government of Brazil and co-sponsored and organised in collaboration with the Brazilian Government, WHO and the World Hepatitis Alliance, the goal of the Summit will be to bring together all stakeholders who will have a role to play in making the elimination of viral hepatitis a reality. Stakeholders will include Ministers of Health, hepatitis programme managers, members of international agencies, healthcare organisations, hepatitis-patient organisations and civil society groups, funding agencies and the private sector.

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Abstract submission deadline : May 1st 2017

Sao Paulo, Brazil