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Advocates Demand Migrants’ Inclusion in EU and UK COVID-19 Vaccine Plans

On 5 May 2021, global advocates sent open letters to the United Kingdom (UK) and European Union (EU) heads of state, and European Commission leadership urging for immediate provision of COVID-19 vaccines to all people who are migrants, refugees, displaced or non-national people residing in the UK and EU. “Keeping the most vulnerable populations safe from COVID-19 through universal vaccine access keeps everyone safe.”

“The global pandemic will not be over until it is over for everyone, regardless of immigration status, and this includes migrants and refugees, who are most at risk… people who are migrants or refugees face immense barriers to healthcare, and too often lack coverage in national health systems, health insurance, and the financial resources to seek medical care.”

In the letters, the signatories called for specific COVID-19 vaccination policies to be enacted, stressing that the UK and EU member states “must adhere to their international obligations on the right to health, right to science, and non-discrimination.”

The full letters can be downloaded below.