direct-acting antivirals

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  1. Gilead’s HCV Drug Sofosbuvir Approved by the FDA but Accessible for How Many? Press Release – 9 December 2013 / Bangkok – Paris – Basel – London – New York

  2. Pharma Refuses to Ensure Access to Lifesaving Hepatitis C Treatment at Global Meeting Bangkok, Thailand, 28 February 2014

  3. New Treatments for Hepatitis C Virus: Strategies for Achieving Universal Access

  4. Defuse Hepatitis C, the Viral Time Bomb: Test and Treat Hepatitis C Position paper for the 67th World Health Assembly, May 19–24, 2014

  5. Today New Hepatitis Resolution is Passed at World Health Assembly; Challenges WHO and Member States to Act Press Release – May 22, 2014 – Geneva